Forest Walk, 2013

Archival UltraChrome Inkjet Prints Available sizes – 30″x20″, 42″x28″ and 65.5″x43″ This new body of work explores ideas surrounding the collapse of time, space and place within our own memories. These works achieve this end through a digital and visual reconstruction of experience via a series of elaborately false and fictionalized images created using a […]

Portrait of Water, Prints

<em>Portrait of Water</em>, Prints

Portrait of Water is part of an ongoing contemplation into the patterns and systems that exist within large bodies of water. Having filmed both the Atlantic & Pacific oceans, as well as Lake Michigan, software explores through generative video the formal, cognitive and physical experience of oceans and lakes.

1000 foot Chicago

<em>1000 foot Chicago</em>

1000 foot Chicago is a generative aerial portrait of the Chicagoland landscape. Filming via helicopter, footage was captured at a low-altitude while circling in and around Chicago. The generative process lends itself to the diversity of the city’s surrounding landscape. Agricultural, industrial, residential, and commercial settings, as well as forest preserves, are investigated in this […]