In Chicago, skyline and landscape are synonymous, creating a skyline. Man-made structures establish verticality in the unyielding flatness of the Midwest. Each new building augments the city through scale, function, location and material. 600 North Fairbanks, designed by Helmut Jahn, will have a significant impact on the Chicago landscape.

Externally, I am interested in the physical construction process and the emergence of the building onto this skyline. Internally, I am interested in looking out at the city, exploring the poetry of urban architecture from a new perspective.

For this project, I am creating a multi-perspective generative video work that will examine the development of 600 North Fairbanks from its first incursion into the ground, through construction, and into its emergence onto the Chicago skyscape as a new icon and vantage point.

The lobby of 600 North Fairbanks will feature two plasma screens that will display approximately 18 months of video layers from four cameras mounted on and near the construction site. The images onscreen will be pulled from this memory database, continuously being recombined and manipulated.

Between the massive database and the software complexities, it is statistically improbable that the video combinations will repeat.